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  • “If anybody has any transmission problems, I tell them to take it to Beussinks!  They will do you right.  They are honest, their word is good, and they do such good work.  I just love those guys!”

Evelyn Diebold, Scott City, MO

  • “I had a transmission fluid leak on my service truck found last night.  I was able to get the truck to Beussink’s when they opened and Mike took a look and had the damaged hose repaired in no time.  Being without a service truck is huge issue for us, so needless to say very impressed and appreciative.  Thank you!”

Chris Horrell, Bug Zero, Cape Girardeau, MO 

  • “We’ve been going to Beussink’s for twenty years. They have always been first class, and they always do what they say they will do. They are very reasonable on their prices and are very nice people. We’re real happy with them.”

Albert Jackson, Midtown Motors, Sikeston, MO.

  • “Mike and his team are real good.  They are the best around!  I send all of my friends and family to Beussink Transmission.  I know they will take care of them because they are good, honest people.  I won’t go anywhere else for my vehicles.  They don’t just fix the vehicle and send you a large bill.  They instead diagnose, call you with the details and explain the fees, then let you decide if you want to move forward.  Mike grew up in that shop, so he knows everything about it, the customers, and the industry.  With today’s computer technology in vehicles, it is hard to find someone who keeps up with the changes.  Mike and his team do just that.  They are smart and they are some the most polite people I have met.  I am always treated well when I call or stop by.  I’m sold on Beussink Transmission!”  

 JR Hill, Advance, MO

  • “Years ago a local salvage yard recommended Beussink Transmission to me because I couldn’t find anyone local I trusted to take care of my customers.  I gave them a shot and have used Beussink Transmission ever since.  They beat the price of the competitors and offered better warranties.  They continue to do both even today.  Although they are quite a distance from my shop, I feel it is worth it because of the cost savings, the warranties, and their quality.  I know they will take care of the vehicles, which makes my business reputation even better with my customers!  They work with me and I think they do good work!”

Mike Herboth, Ellington Auto Repair, Ellington, MO

  • “I checked around and everyone was real expensive, but a friend told me about Beussink, and Mike did an outstanding job replacing my turbo charger. I just couldn’t believe what a good job he did and how little he charged. He probably saved me $500-600 or more on that job. I’ve got a lot of respect for him. I’d absolutely refer anyone to him.”

Don Bruce, Dexter, MO

  • “I am very pleased with Beussink. I called Mike when my car would hardly get home, and he said it sounds like a sensor. I asked, ‘Are you sure I don’t need my transmission rebuilt?’ He checked it and said it would only cost $97. If I had bought it myself, it was going to cost me $118 just for the part! He was very honest, and he fixed it in two hours. I am very happy with him; the service I got was unreal. This is the second time I used them. The first time I did have to have my transmission rebuilt, and I got a very good transmission at a good price. As far as I’m concerned, Beussink’s is #1.”

Bob Brees, Sedgewickville, MO

  • “I have been using Beussink Transmission for over 10 years and have always had a good experience.  They stand behind their work and their prices are more than reasonable, especially for the quality of work they provide.  I regularly make the drive from Illinois to take vehicles to Beussink and refer others to do so as well.”

Larry Mitchell, Mitchell Service & Repair, Chester, IL

  • When my car wouldn’t move when I put it in drive, I knew I had BIG problems.  After finding out it was my transmission, I did some research on transmission shops around my area and consulted with my trusted mechanic and my husband.  Turns out everyone recommended Beussink Transmission in Leopold, MO.  My husband said that his truck had transmission problems a few years back and they had also repaired it.  His Chevy’s still running in tip-top shape, even looking great, too, so without a second thought, we took my car to Beussink’s  They did end up having to rebuild the transmission, but when I got my car back, it drove and sounded better than it had the day I purchased it.  This was a few months back and I still haven’t had any problems with it, nor will I worry about any problems.  Now when someone asks me where to go for transmission problems, I’ll tell them, “Go to Beussink’s in Leopold.  They do business the right way the first time, and the results are totally worth the drive!'”

Rebekah Howell, Marble Hill, MO

  • “Drove my car all the way from Florida just to have serviced at Beussinks!!  Highly recommend this business.”

Kirk Francis, Florida

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