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What should I expect to spend?

It may relieve you to know that many vehicles require only a simple adjustment or minor repair and not complete removal of the transmission. When that is the case, your cost will run in the hundreds of dollars or even less. However, transmissions continue to become more complicated as technology develops. One or several of hundreds of individual components can require repair or replacement, which may require the transmission to be pulled and rebuilt.
What exactly do you do when you rebuild a transmission?
  • Pulling a transmission, rebuilding it, and reinstalling it is a time-consuming and detailed job.
  • The transmission has to be pulled from the vehicle then opened by a transmission technician.
  • The case of the transmission is placed in a case washer for cleaning.
  • The technician takes the transmission itself to their bench and examines each intricate piece of the transmission.
  • Once they locate what is causing the problem, the appropriate parts are replaced.
  • Each piece of the transmission is thoroughly cleaned prior to reassembly. The detailed cleaning is required because when transmission failure occurs, metal debris is spread throughout the transmission. If it is not thoroughly cleaned, then you will have problems again down the road as this debris gets moved around and lodged within valves/parts.
  • Once each component of the transmission is thoroughly cleaned, rebuilt, and the cooler lines have been cleaned, then the transmission is reinstalled in your vehicle.
  • The final step is for our technician to do a final test drive of your vehicle to ensure that everything is working properly.

Beussink Transmission & Repair technicians use a heated-pulsating cooler line flusher. When transmission failure occurs, the tiny particles/debris are not only spread within the transmission, but throughout the cooler lines. We hook this machine up to the cooler lines of each vehicle that we rebuild. On many jobs, we actually have to run the machine and clean it multiple times because of the large quantity of debris, which can tie the machine up for a large part of a day just for one vehicle. This ensures a thorough cleaning of all components related to the functioning of your transmission.

We also use all synthetic oil. This gives you more longevity in your transmission, because it holds up better to daily use and heat. Other oils break down faster over time and can lead to transmission failure much quicker.

Do you offer a warranty?
We include a minimum 2 year, 24,000 mile warranty on all transmission rebuilds.  Extended warranties are available as well and they are either 3 year 50,000 miles or 3year 100,000 miles.
We are now also proudly offering ATRA GoldenRule Nationwide Warranties.  We offer the 2 year 24,000 mile, 3 year 50,000 mile, and the 3 year 100,000 mile nationwide warranties.
How do you handle warranty issues?
If you have a transmission problem and it is covered under our warranty, you can rest assured that we are going to make it right with you. We go above and beyond to make sure that you are happy with your choice to trust in Beussink Transmission. You can count on us to stand behind our work. If your transmission acts up, leaks, or makes any noises, please call us immediately. Our technicians can often get an idea of what’s going on just by discussing the situation with you by phone. Often, they will ask that you do not drive the vehicle at all if they suspect something is wrong, such as a faulty part, sensor, etc. Continuing to drive a vehicle after noticing an issue can lead to a more extensive problem in many situations. If the issue that you are having ends up being an electrical component or some repair unrelated to the transmission, then we will contact you by phone before completing the repair.
Do you offer financing?
We’re a locally owned shop and not part of a large franchise, which is one way we are able to keep our prices more affordable. Because we are a true ‘Mom and Pop’ operation, we are not in a financial position to provide credit. However, we strive to offer the best value when it comes to transmission repairs and service, and we will tell you up front what to expect with no hidden ‘surprises.’  Payment is due upon pick up.
What are the symptoms of a faulty transmission?
  • Vehicle is slow to accelerate or cannot move at all
  • Transmission (manual or automatic) has difficulty shifting into next gear or won’t go at all
  • Transmission lurches into next gear
  • Transmission slips into another gear when it shouldn’t
  • Transmission makes a grinding noise
  • Transmission leaks fluid
What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept cash along with Visa, Discover, and MasterCard debit/credit cards. Out of convenience for our customers, we continue to try to accept most checks. Partial payments are not accepted.  Payment in full, in an acceptable form, is required at the time of pick up. All bad checks will be turned over to an attorney for legal action.

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