When my car wouldn’t move when I put it in Drive, I knew I had BIG problems. After finding out it was my transmission, I did some research on transmission shops around my area and consulted with my trusted mechanic and my husband. Turns out, everyone recommended Beussink Transmission in Leopold, MO. My husband said that his truck had transmission problems a few years back and they had also repaired it. His Chevy’s still running in tip-top shape, even looking great, too, so without a second thought, we took my car to Beussink’s. They did end up having to rebuild the transmission, but when I got my car back, it drove and sounded better than it had the day I purchased it. This was a few months back, and I still haven’t had any problems with it, nor will I worry about any problems. Now when someone asks me where to go for a transmission problem, I’ll tell them, “Go to Beussink’s in Leopold. They do business the right way the first time, and the results are totally worth the drive!” -Bek

Kirk Lee Barlow II reviewed Beussink Transmission And Repair LLC5 star August 24 ·Very honest and friendly people! Been having big transmission issues with my F250 Diesel with it slipping I called and went by another transmission shop and they were on the right path but couldn’t pin point the issue took it to Beussink and they had it figured out fast! Got it in the shop and got it fixed in a very timely manner! Will be taking my vehicles to Beussink any time!

Brad Elfrink reviewed Beussink Transmission And Repair LLC — 5 star April 27 ·Mike and company provided great customer service and took care of my repair work in a timely manner. Would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to have their transmission repaired

Debra L. Green reviewed Beussink Transmission And Repair LLC — 5 star  August 13, 2015 ·What a honest company. I am so pleased to know there are still honest people in the business. First, I was told they didn’t work on Jaguars but Mike said he would do it. I was quoted a price and decided to have the trans rebuilt, The next call I get is telling me it didn’t cost as much as they had quoted to me. I am a single woman on disability and I appreciate honest people, they could have never said anything to me and I would have never known the difference. A lot of people would have kept the same price as they had quoted…..Honesty is a virtue that is rare anymore!!! Just got a call and my car is up and ready to roll…Look out Cape, Mama is back on the road again thanks to Beussink Transmission!!

Awesome work. Limped my truck in from SC on a trip to Leopold. Mike and crew quickly diagnosed my transmission issue and recommended several courses of action. Highly recommended.
These guys are the Pitbulls of transmission repair. They are relentless and WILL get your transmission working. When I told people I was having my transmission rebuilt, they asked where I took it and I told them Beussink because they did such good work on transmissions for me in the past. EVERY person responded “oh good, that’s who I would’ve recommended.” That says something. Thanks for all your hard work.
Excellent service! Would definitely recommend to everyone. Super nice people 🙂
 Very good, will use them anytime I have a problem.
To’ ‘Beussink Transmission and Repair LLC!”Thank You for Being There When We Need You! To a Wonderful Group of People Waiting To Service and Help You!
Very satisfied with the work they do for us.