Engine Repair

Engine Repair

We provide complete engine service from diagnostics to complete replacement

Are you having engine problems?

Is your check engine light coming on?  Is your car overheating?  Is your car stalling?  Are you hearing strange noises like clicking or ticking?  These MAY be symptoms of a engine problems.

It is important to have your car looked at immediately if you suspect an engine problem to help prevent a more costly repair.   Having an experienced technician working on your engine provides more accurate diagnostics and less time without your vehicle.

At Beussink’s we still provide a free scan and test drive.

To schedule an appointment, call us at  573-238-3143 or use our appointment request form.

Highly Experienced Mechanics

Our mechanics have the experience, training & resources needed to get the job done right.

Finest Quality Parts & Fluids

We are fanatics about making our repairs last as long as possible, and that starts with high quality parts and fluids.

Friendly, Helpful People

One of the big reasons we’ve been around so long is our people.  We  treat you like you’re part of the family.

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