Transmission Repair & Rebuilding

Transmission Repair & Rebuilding

Expert and experienced automatic & manual transmission mechanics

With your automatic transmission,
expertise is critical.

Here’s why:

The variety of trouble that comes from an automatic transmission can vary from minor to major repairs.  Misdiagnosing the problem could turn into an unnecessary rebuild.  That’s why it’s critical to use a trusted technician that really knows transmissions, so you get an accurate diagnosis and quality repair.   Transmissions are one vehicle area that you really want your technician to be specialized in, as the diagnostics require a thorough knowledge of the working system.  A rebuild is not always necessary.

If your transmission does indeed need to be rebuilt, it is one of the largest repairs your car can have.  The reason for this is the amazing complexity of gears and computer controlled systems that make your car shift from one gear to another.  Sometimes though, what seems like transmission failure,  can be an electrical issue.  For example, we’ve seen a 2003 Chevy Duramax with an Allison transmission that would not engage in reverse or forward gears simply due to a faulty transmission control module (TCM).  This is where experience pays off!

Shops that specialize in transmissions also focus specific training to this area of expertise and invest in the specialized equipment to properly do the job.  Memberships in various groups such as ATRA (Automatic Transmission Rebuilder’s Association) helps to keep us up to date on the lastest transmission technology and news.  In the rare event that we run across an issue that we have difficulty resolving, memberships like these give us nationwide resources and troubleshooting at our fingertips.

Rebuilding or “replacing” a transmission is much more than just bolting the unit in.  This is where transmission specific shops are necessary, as most general repair shops don’t take the necessary steps that we do to ensure quality.  Equipment to clean the full cooler line system is an investment for shops and many skip this step; leaving debris and gunk throughout the system that attaches to your transmission.  This can lead even the best transmission units to fail.  As fresh fluid flows through the cooler lines in an uncleaned system, it can pick up the debris and contaminate the newly rebuilt unit causing shift issues or failure.  At Beussink’s, you’ll never have to worry about this.  Mike is adamant that all steps are taken to ensure that our units are built to last and that the components connecting to the unit are clean and will not hinder the proper functioning.  At Beussink’s, we do the entire job the right way so that we can confidently stand behind our warranty!  Transmission rebuilds are 3 year 100,000 miles for most automobiles rebuilt at our shop.


Why Choose Us for Transmission Rebuilding?

 Our Transmissions are Rebuilt In-House!

The biggest benefit to having our company rebuild your transmission is that we do the work in house.  This means you deal with us, not a third party.  We have the transmission specialists right here working on your vehicle, which means that diagnostics are done faster and more precisely. You need a company that fully stands behind their work and will work with you face to face.

At Beussink’s, if you have a problem with your vehicle while under our warranty, your vehicle becomes our top priority.  We take such pride in our work and in your trust in us, that we are dedicated to keeping you on the road.  Any issue that you might have, we are going to resolve it as quickly as possible.

With the right technicians, suppliers, stock, and equipment; we typically complete transmission repairs within 2-5 business days.  During busy seasons this may be extended, but in those times, we do our best to work extra to better serve you.

Warrantied for 3 Years, 100,000 Miles

Because we get it right, we provide you with a full 3 year / 100K warranty* on your transmission rebuilding job.  Our warranty covers the transmission and the labor.   *Diesel engine transmission rebuild warranty is  2 years /24K.


Our transmission rebuilds are more than a product, they are a promise to you.  With honesty and integrity, we do everything to ensure the highest quality product.  We go this extra mile,  so that you have peace of mind in your vehicle.  We build it to last and stand behind our work!



Highly Experienced Mechanics

Our mechanics have the experience, training & resources needed to get the job done right.

Finest Quality Parts & Fluids

We are fanatics about making our repairs last as long as possible, and that starts with high quality parts and fluids.

Friendly, Helpful People

One of the big reasons we’ve been around so long is our people.  We  treat you like you’re part of the family.

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